About E&A

E&A Custom Homes is one of the most recognized custom home builders in the
Southeast Valley. Over the years, we have taken the promise of an affordable, innovative,
fully customized home and made it a reality for many families across the valley.

Buiding Process

At E&A Custom Homes, our professional team strives to make the Arizona luxury home design and construction process fun
and exciting! We believe our customers deserve a luxury home that reflects their unique design tastes and lifestyle demands.
Our customers will always be included in the driver's seat of the planning and design process. We strive to make each
step of the building process well managed so we exceed your expectations. We have developed a step-by-step
process that starts at your first meeting with us to the moment you receive the keys to your exquisite custom home.

Initial Budget Meeting

At the initial meeting with E&A Custom Homes, we will discuss your plan ideas for your new custom home and talk about a preliminary budget. We will then refer you to one of our preferred architects to start the design process if you haven’t already done so. If you have already existing plans, we will go over all details and finishes so we can start working on a contract price. Bringing photos of your design ideas, a survey of your existing lot, and an estimated building time frame would really benefit this meeting. If you do not currently own a custom lot, we can help you located and purchase the perfect lot to both fit your budget and compliment your custom home.

Architect Design Button

After you have made all necessary changes and approved your preliminary floor plan with one of our preferred architects, a Design Contract Agreement will be drafted that outlines all specifications for your new custom home. Once you have approved your floor plan, you will continue to work on getting your exterior drawings approved.

Final Plan Review for Bidding

After your plans are completed with the architect, we will meet again and go over all details of the plans. We will make sure that we have all necessary info in order to submit to our subcontractors for actual bid proposals for budgeting purposes.

E&A Construction Contract

Once we have been able to receive bids back on your plans, we are now able to agree on a set construction price and enter into a construction contract agreement. At this point in time, you will need to meet with your lender to start working on a closing date for your new construction loan. Also, depending on the location of your home, some communities require design reviews on your plans. Make sure that you have checked with your community and made sure you have gone through the design committee approval process

Complete Construction Loan Process

Each lender is different on their requirements to close on a construction loan. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Once you have all the documents for the lender submitted, they will then order an appraisal and start processing your application.

Building Permit / Final Selections

Once your construction loan has finalized, E&A Custom Homes will work on getting all your necessary building permit application submitted to the town. Once this is submitted to the town, we will go over all final customer selections in our new design center. Here we will determine cabinets, flooring, doors/trim, windows, paint colors, exterior and interior stone, other wood work, etc.


E&A works with dedicated local trade partners who share the company's commitment to building
the home customers want to build, the way they want it built. With a fully collaborative spirit, With
financial transparency, And with a dedication to building homes families can enjoy for generations.
It's no wonder why we have an A+ customer rating with the BBB.

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